Lowery Tillers

Lowery Tiller

Tiller 810ft
Tiller 456

4’, 5’, 6’, 7’, 8’, 10’ available

UL48-UL60 UM72 UH84

Hard-packed soil and dirt is turned up to leave an excellent seedbed for grass, gardens, food plots and lawn planting All models are built for years of dependable service Suitable for any tilling operation

8’ 10’

Jumbo Series Rotary Tiller is the heaviest tiller among the Lowery tiller family. It is specially designed for large scale operation and heavy duty applications.

It can be coupled with tractors of 90 HP & 120 HP with category II & III point linkage. It is available in outward and inward type of rotor for better adaptation of different types of soil and a well-tilled seed bed.

  • Robust Structure and deeper tillage of heavy & dense soil
  • Larger Framework for faster tillage and heavy duty applications
  • Covers larger portion of land in lesser time
  • Best suited to chop off thick and well rooted crop residuals.

Parts available for old style LMC Tiller